Due to the popularity of this term sales on Black Friday are now being offered throughout the globe. The increase in the use of social media has promoted the sales on this day; brands now offer Black Friday discounts online as well.

Social media is already a very famous mean for businesses to make sales and to market their products. People are already using it to market their products. Social media is a platform for many businesses to expand; in fact, social media has acted as a platform for new ventures as well

Facebook, Instagram, twitter, snapchat all such apps are used for marketing and selling of products. But every social media platform has different characteristics for marketing the products. So you need to analyze which platform performs better for your business.

Instagram has many attractive characteristics which marketers are using to market their products. Twitter, on the other hand, is more of a choice for sharing views and comments and statuses. So, Instagram is the first choice that comes to buyer minds whenever there is some sale or discounts going on.

Very seldom you get to hear from anyone about using Twitter for buying goods online. Everybody is into Instagram now for all the online purchases. Instagram has the option for DM, video sharing, messaging, tagging and much more. These features are helpful in placing an order also for tracking it.

For making a black Friday sale to hit a top level than marketers should focus more on placing their efforts on Instagram that works best for your revenue and sales. Instagram works fast when you have less time to choose between different social media applications for marketing. Therefore black Friday sales are more popular on Instagram than Twitter for both the buyers and the sellers. For clack Friday sale it is very important that you reach the right target market, which means your sale will be useless if people who are interested in your brand are not even aware of your sale. So Instagram helps to reach a broad target market, providing exposure to the customers regarding black Friday sale.

Also, instagram is immune to the option of ad blocking this, in turn, helps you to gain more exposure. Also many youngsters especially teenagers are more into Instagram than Twitter. People spend more time on twitter to also stay updated regarding news and politics and sports specifically, also twitters are more interesting for those who like to follow other personalities whereas Instagram is more famous for fashion and brands.

As for mobile shopping, instagram has made It more and more popular. Mobile marketing efforts are fulfilled with applications like Instagram and Facebook, whereas for twitter the marketing efforts are not paid back. This thing is highly true for Black Friday, based on research also it has been found that Black Friday’s sales were generated more through Instagram than twitter. This is why everyone must buy 500 instagram followers So it is a good idea to stay prepared for next year’s Black Friday’s sale by downloading the Instagram app beforehand.