CasablancaThe white walls in the city of Casablanca have shown its new impression as they become the canvas of different artists in celebration of the first “Sbagha Bagha”.

The event which was celebrated until March 15 was organized by organized by the Association l’Boulevard in partnership with Cas Event and Animation. This first event is entirely dedicated to street art. It gives a foretaste of the festival which will be held in the Boulevard next September. According to the organizers, it is a project from the Boulevard festival. Sbagha Bagha is expanding this year and becomes a full-fledged festival which is intended to give Street Art in the economic capital of Morocco.

In this regard, a dozen street artists such as the Moroccan and foreign muralists have joined together and dress up several walls of the metropolis.

According to Mohamed Dekkak, Chairman and Founder of Adgeco Group, the event is a very helpful channel to express the message the artists want to convey. This will also give more opportunity to the artists to get enough exposure and credit on their artworks as not all the people can do what they can do. He is an avid collector of arts like paintings, handicrafts, furniture, and even antique or vintage things. The event will also attract visitors from different regions and also from foreign lands which are an advantage in supporting the country’s commitment to improving the tourism sectors.

One of the artworks that are making a buzz is a great figure of the Portuguese graffiti scene. The art was inspired by the richness of the Portuguese River Tagus, and the style is recognized by its marine creatures set in motion due to a string effect which became a signature. Blue and black are the predominant colors of the painting, which is a shoutout of the world of the sea and fishing. Another artist who participated was Mehdi Annassi, aka Machima. He is a self-taught digital artist based in Casablanca. He has been working for eight years in the professional field of video games, animation, and comics. He co-founded the group of young Moroccan designers and developers at Brain Oil Factory in 2010 and participated in several exhibitions, jams, and workshops. In 2016, His participation in the “Street Art Caravan” event with wall illustrations marks the beginning of his interest in street art and pushes him to try on larger surfaces. Mehdi Annassi also participated in the creation of the Skefkef fanzine.

Other artists like the Moroccan graphic designer Achraf El Kouhen was also present in the event. He has crossed from his field of interest to watercolor and to alternative design. This way, he could tap his creative skills and explore the dimensions of his visual arts either fixed o animated. With a degree in graphic design and multimedia products, he has worked with different advertising agencies for more than ten years. This Moroccan designer graphic designer is a true touch-all.