Instagram is one of the most popular forms of social media in our society today. It is an easy to use form of social media that allows you to keep in touch with people by just looking at pictures. I for one am always trying to get more followers and am always trying to come up with funny post or post with popular hashtags at the time.

How to get Instagram followers with attractive posts is kind of a hard question to answer. There are multiple answers for a question like that. One thing that I would try personally would be to try to find people with the same interest as you video games, basketball, or fishing. I would try to see what those people are posting about and then try to do something similar to what they are posting. If people see that you do and like the same things that you do then they might follow you more. Also using popular hashtags in whatever your interest is will help as well. If someone likes basketball and looks for hashtags related to basketball they might come across your profile and follow you.

Those are just a few ways that I feel like would be the most effective way of trying to get more followers. Also the content of your picture helps a lot if you post profane or offensive language probably most people will be offended by that. I would try to keep the post clean and focused on the type of followers you are trying to get. Unless you are trying to attract profane and rude followers than put that kind of stuff in your post.

I feel that social media networking is important to get jobs because social media is probably the most popular type of media today. By that I mean it is everywhere, everyone uses social media today. And a good way to check to see if a person is someone you want to hire is to check their social media. Like I said earlier you can usually see what a person’s interest are and the kind of stuff that they do by looking at their social media accounts. People tend to have to faces that they put on, the one that they use for the public and when they are at work and the one they use when they are out with friends and at their own home. A neatly dressed person in a suit with a nice haircut could walk in for a job interview and seem very nice and presentable. However, on their social media account they use profane language and go out and party every night. In person, they might look like a good responsible well-kept guy but on their social media they might be the exact opposite.

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I constantly hear about employers who considered people’s background on social media and the person didn’t get the job because they said or did something on social media that their potential boss did not like. Long story short people need to try to be presentable not only during the job interview but on social media as well. Anyone and everyone can see how a person acts in real life through their social media and that can cost someone a very important job if they are not careful and considerate.

Another tough question is how social media helps with learning fast. That is a question that you don’t hear a lot getting asked. I hear the previous question about people getting a job through social media all the time. However, I don’t think I have ever heard this question asked before. Just off the top of my head I can think of a few examples and answers. One is that despite what most people think social media can help people keep up with things such as the news and events that happen in the world around them.

If a person is very busy or in a spot that they don’t have access to a television they can pull out their phone and look at really any type of social media Facebook, snapchat, twitter or Instagram and find out any form of information that they want. I am subscribed to a few gaming news pages and I see my friend sharing news articles that the stations post. If I don’t have a lot of time I can look at that article and in a few minutes, I can learn something new or hear about something that I have never heard before.

It can also help in learning fast by bringing awareness to the various organizations and communities out there. For example, if someone wanted to learn more about the humane society they could go look them up on social media and see what they post to get a general idea of what they are like. I feel like that same can be said for multiple organizations, Red Cross, Humane Society, Toys for Tots and all the other charities out there.

Overall social media is a very useful tool to people. If a person wanted to get more followers or make new friends, they need to try to post things that they like to do and hopefully likeminded people will see it and follow them. People also need to be careful with what they post on social media because a potential boss at an interview might bring up a person’s social media account and see that the way they act outside of the job interview might be different than how they present themselves to the boss. Also, social media is a good way of learning new types of information fast. An event might just happen and three minutes later it is on social media and a person can read an article about it. Someone could also learn more about organizations or different people by considering their social media pages. Again, social media is a very useful tool and people need to be careful with it but at the same time take advantage to learn new and interesting things.