All of the multinational companies have their own public relation department. If they do not have their department to manage the public relations, then they outsource their public relations which company needs. These public relation officers are vital to the organization and communicate the message of the organization to the customers, stakeholders, and public. They play a vital role in maintaining and sustaining to the image of the organization in front of the public and customers. Positive or negative perception about the company is in their hands. They can build the positive perception about the company which will increase the sales of the products and creates loyalty of the customers. Public relation officer often has content working, but he has to face the media firestorm during the unexpected crisis situation.

Most of the public relation officers must have the bachelor’s degrees or masters degree in communication, journalism or public relation. They have the responsibility of representing the company to the media and stakeholders. Public relation officer has to perform several functions. They play an important role by providing following functions in the organizations.

PRO services

Crisis manager

Public relation officer acts as the crisis manager. The company relies on the public relation officer to handle the media in case of crisis. They have to face the unexpected situations. For example, if an employee dies during the working hours in the office, PRO Services has the responsibility to handle the media for their questioning. They have to face problems for the stakeholders to answer. They have to raise the performance of the organization by public dealing.


Public relation officer has the responsibility of communicating information to the community about the organization. They have to create publications for the media and community to read. They have to answer their top managers for what they do. Their job involves the communication with the community to grow the sales level of the organization. Sales level of the product directly affects the profit of the organization. Public relation manager is responsible for the reputation of the organization.

Management and budget

Some of the public relation officers hold and oversee the entire communication department. They have to work with other people and remain up to date for their work. They are responsible to in charge the budgeting department and make sure that their contents offering is not so costly. They have to show the media about the budgeting of the company affairs. Their responsibility is to oversee the employees in the department. These employees may include secretaries, content writers or graphic designers as well. They should participate in the workshops to keep themselves up to date with the present skills to perform better.

Media contact

Public relation officers act as the contact men to the media. Their responsibility includes satisfying media questions about the reputation of the company. They have to give news to the media about the organization. They write a press release for media about upcoming events in the organization. They sustain a relationship with the local and international media for the growth of the organization. They held the media conferences if any special event happens in the organization. For example, if a researcher provides benefit to the organization then PRO Services holds the media conference to tell the media and community about that growth factor of the organization.