CharityNowadays with the growing destructions, wars, bomb blasting and natural disasters, the number of needy people are growing with pace. Media has played a very highlighting role in bringing such people to light. With this awareness, many people are willing to make donations for the sufferers. Many donations or charity collecting NGEO’s has also come up with this trend. There are now thousands of charities available. Every charity has their own way of collecting cash or donations. Some may just simply call you for the donation; some may target your demographics for multiple reasons. Different charities have been created for the different purpose. Some are there to help the victims of natural disasters, some funds the schooling of children, some are there for refugees, etc.

Makin charity is a very pious act of humanity. If you will give more only than you will be able to get more, the eternal happiness always lies in the act of giving. But before you make a charity it is very important to check that whether you are donating to the right person or not or whether your money is being used for the right purpose or not. Few steps should be taken in order find the worst charities to donate to. There are few precautions that should be kept in mind before making charity to any random person or NGO.

Things to keep in mind before you give

  • If you get a call from some random person or an NGO, firstly you need to ask for their name. You need to make sure that the caller is not some paid telemarketer. Get complete details
  • Next, you need to get the exact name or the location of charity office or an NGO which he or she represents.
  • Gets complete information regarding who is getting the money and where it is being used? Don’t allow them to just brush off your questions and ambiguities with generalities. Ask them about the exact percentages and profits.
  • Ask them about the charity deeds. Ask for the previous examples.
  • Ask them about any local nonprofit who has benefited from their deeds. Then make a call or visit these nonprofit organizations to get the exact info that whether they are familiar about this charity or not.
  • Sometimes most money that you pay is going to the telemarketer’s profits instead of going to the needy sufferers.
  • Do a quick research regarding those charities, that whether they exist or not. What are their main deeds and how they help the needy, where exactly the money is being used? All such information a very easily be collected through the internet.
  • Also, you need to be aware of the charities that use similar names to the nationally known organizations.
  • Once you have collected the right information and have decided to donate than ask them for the receipt or proper documentation to keep a record.
  • There are also some online websites available that can be used to identify that whether the charity is correct or not. There are also some websites that are used to rate these charities. Then based on these ratings, you can very easily decide to whom to donate the money.