CAD system is the combination of software and hardware that enables us to design everything from the furniture to airplanes. CAD stands for the computer aided design that allows the engineers to view a model from different angles. It helps you to see the design from long distance and by zoom in and out by pushing one button only.

CAD consists of IT hardware, specialized software, and peripherals. The use of software depends on the particular area of application. CAD software is utilized by the engineers, designers, and architects on a large base for various applications. The best part is that you can convert CAD diagram into PDF file.

The Role of CAD in Providing Aid to Designers:

Before the advent of CAD, there were the pencils and papers. It simple words the designing and prototyping was done manually. Needless to say that the development of designs was too slow and the prototyping was tedious. Well, it was laden with the costly trial and error. But with the advent of CAD things became easier. Now the computer aided design software has replaced the traditional drawing board, and it has simplifies the entire design process. CAD provides:

  • Accurately generated graphical representation of the product
  • Easily modifiable graphical representation of the product
  • Complex design analysis in a short time
  • Static, dynamic and natural frequency analysis
  • Design Optimization
  • Record and recall information with speed

Uses Of CAD:

Here are the applications of CAD that make the design process easy:

  • Architecture:

You need a flawless planning to build a beautifully structured building. And it is not possible without using the CAD software. It allows you to create the designs of the large and expensive buildings. The software not only helps you to create the office, house or commercial structures but also assists in determining the actual specifications like measurements, volume, and weight, etc.

  • Cartography:

We have already explained that in the past people did work manually. But now cartographers use CAD software to draw maps.

  • Fashion:

Well, the designers have created marvelous pieces and cuts. They have done so by using the Fashion CAD software. Artists make their designs by hand first and then use CAD software to check which piece of fabric would go best with the design. They use different virtual models to check that how the clothing will fit.

  • Aerospace:

The manufacturing of space vehicles to satellites and missiles to aircraft is not easy. A single product in this high tech industry involves the millions of dollars, so there is no chance of error. The CAD software in aerospace plays an integral role in the design process. It allows you to modify your design in the initial stages.

  • Civil Engineering:

When you see the large buildings and bridges, you wonder how the architects have constructed these. Well, the urban planners use CAD software to plan the infrastructure. They plan and design the parks, buildings, bridges and industrial units using computer aided design software.

  • Automotive:

Automotive is a sophisticated industry, so the engineers use CAD Conversion software to create designs of the auto components like tires, upholstery, and engine, etc.