arab worldIn linguistic term, Arab is a culture. In Arab world, Arabic people are the one who speaks Arabic as their first language. Arabs are united by the culture and history. Many Arabic people come from different ethnic and culture background.

Facts about the Arab world:

Arab world:

The Arab world consists of 22 countries in North America and the Middle East. Whereas Iran and Turkey are not the Arab countries and their native languages are Farsi and Turkish. Arabs countries are rich in having many ethnic, linguistic and religious communities.

Divided into three parts:

The Arab is divided into three parts the urban culture, the rural culture and the nomad culture. So it means that not all Arabs use a camel as their mode of transportation and don’t live in tents in the deserts.

Honour is important in the Arab world:

Any group who takes honour and respect seriously are the Arabs. They respect so much to their elders. It is disrespectful to shout are act aggressively. Never insult them during a joke, they take it very seriously. Family values are something very important to them, and they don’t allow anyone to play with it.

Body language:

In Arab world countries, body language has an extra significance. Men shake their right hand but less firmly. Close friends and colleague of the same sex hug and kiss on the both cheeks while greeting.

All Arabs are not Muslims:

All Arabs are not Muslims, and all Muslims are not Arabs. The majority of Arabs are Muslims, but there are also Christian Arabs and Jewish. There is the wrong conception that all Arabs are the follower of Islam. Often people think that Arab and Muslims are the interchangeable terms, while to clear that one is the religion and other refer to the individuals who speak Arabic.

Love for the food:

The Arabs love the food so much. One of the Arab cuisine known as Lebanese cuisine is famous in the Arab world for its delicious taste. The Arabs most famous snake is shawarma, and sweet dish is baklava. Hummus is a very popular favourite side dish with every Arab dish. Muslims Arab is restricted to eat pork and drinking alcohol. In some Arab societies, they use their own hand for eating the food.

Love for the jewellery:

This is seriously a fact about Arabs that they love jewellery so much. You will not find any Arab without the jewellery. This is basically true for the Arabian women who wear stunning pieces of jewellery.

Party lover:

We think in Arab world people don’t like to party, but that’s not true. Arabs are party lover this will be evident when you visit the major countries in Arab.


Arabian handicrafts such as carpets, rugs and furniture are famous in the world. These handicrafts have high demand in the world market.

Love luxurious possessions:

It is true in some cases. They love their luxury. You will see many luxury cars on the Arab streets. Middle East is the place to see the royalty.